KSU Seaton Hall Green Roof Research & Demonstration Projects

Seaton Hall from MLK/17th Street   Upper Seaton Hall
        Green Roof Installation 18 May 2009

A WaterLINK (Water Quality Restoration and Protection Service Learning Mini-Grant awarded to KSU by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment utilizing USEPA funds) provided $5,000 in financial assistance for the Upper Seaton Hall Green Roof Project.

Following Fall 2007 green roof design work by Professor Skabelund's LAR Specialization Studio and Spring 2008 work by seven of Prof. Skabelund's NRES students on two green roof proposals for Seaton Hall, Professor Todd Gabbard (Architecture) collaborated with Prof. Skabelund to develop a plan for implementing a full-sun, south-facing demonstration green roof at Seaton Hall during Fall 2008. Two architecture students, Michael Knapp & Mark Neibling, completed detailed green roof plans for a green roof atop the third-floor breezeway, while a horticulture student (Kyle Koehler) researched possible plants for the roof. In Spring 2009, landscape architecture student, Mike Weber, prepared a digital planting plan for the green roof, using Prof. Skabelund's sketch plan. Waterproofing and green roof installation took place in Spring 2009, with assistance from Stacy Hutchinson and six amazing BAE students. The photo of green roof implementation above was taken May 18, 2009 by Dea Brokesh.

The series of photos shown immediately below were taken in 2011, the first year that supplemental irrigation was not provided to the west side of this living roof. At the end of 2012 supplemental irrigation was discontinued to see what plants will survive over time.

Upper Green Roof Photos 2011 - lrs

In total, this design-build and research project has engaged more than 30 KSU students from at least nine different disciplines, including: Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Architectural Engineering & Construction Science, Horticulture, Biology, Agronomy, Park Management, Agriculture Communications).

Special thanks go to KSU faculty Sutton Stephens, Dennis Law, Stacy Hutchinson, Mary Knapp, Carol Blocksome, Rhonda Janke, Ed & Dea Brokesh, Melanie Klein, Jeremy Merrill, KSU Facilities staff Bob Williams, Mark Taussig, Ed Heptig, Abe Fattaey, Mark Loberg, Roof Shop personnel, and many others -- as well as Danker Roofing, American Hydrotech (esp. Bill Schaefer), Derbigum (esp. roofing materials representative Kathy Hogarty), BNIM (esp. Greg Pfau), Jeffrey L. Bruce LLC, and other private suppliers. KSU-Facilities, KSU-CAPD, Danker Roofing, American Hydrotech, and Derbigum each provided substantial donations.  Upper Green Roof Poster


Lower Green Roof Installation 8 May 2012   Lower Green Roof Integrated Liner Installation 8 May

A Clean Water Neighbor Grant awarded to KSU by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment utilizing USEPA funds provided $17,600 in financial assistance for the Lower Seaton Hall Green Roof Project.

Waterproofing and green roof installation took place in Spring 2012, following 2010-2012 design work by professors Skabelund & Gabbard, architecture students, Maxie Henkle & Geoff Ekey, and landscape architect Dede Brokesh. Ideas for this combined LiveRoof and American Hydrotech green roof were initially generated by Prof. Skabelund's Spring 2008 NRES students and Fall 2010 LAR 410 Planting Design students.  Many faculty, staff, students, and professionals contributed to the design and installation of this second living roof on the West Wing of K-State's Seaton Hall.  Special thanks go to Lance Klein and Josh Cheek for assisting with implementation on May 8, 2012 and to LAR 410 students for generating some very good ideas for this lower roof.  Information sheet. 

Lower Seaton Hall Green Roof 16 May 2012   Aug 5, 2013
        photo of lower green roof - lrs   LGR - native
        plants in integrated area - Aug 5, 2013 (lrs)