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Laurence A. Clement, Jr., JD, ASLA

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
Registered Landscape Architect
Licensed Attorney (inactive status)

 Fall 2014

recommended readings : contemporary theory and practice of landscape architecture

conceptual frameworks : creativity, critical thinking, analysis, project programming, concept, design synthesis
case study methodology  &  resources : from my seminar webpages

Lorn's course materials for History and Theory of Landscape Architecture
recommended books, articles, journals and web pages for the history & theory of landscape architecture

  f a l l    s e m e s t e r    c o u r s e s s p r i n g    s e m e s t e r    c o u r s e s
ENVD 201 I .. .. Environmental Design Studio I
ENVD 299 G . ..Design Drawing
LAR 645 ........ ..Professional Internship Reporting

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All my courses are offered in the spirit of building community.

LAR 501 A ...Seminar in Landscape Architecture I (NB MLA)
LAR 501 B ...Seminar in Landscape Architecture I (PB MLA)

LAR 010 ......Landscape Architecture Field Trip - Portland, OR

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